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26 Sep, 2021

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BetToken (BETT) is ERC-20 Standard Token that aims to global payment system of gambling world



A currency that can be used on every gambling platform and casino

One wallet, one currency for all gambling life

One currency can be used on every gambling platform and casino. No dozens of payment accounts, no bank account risks, no physical money transportation risks.

With the fast payment software we will provide to e-gaming companies, users will be able to make gambling payments within seconds.

With the decentralized transactions powered by Ethereum's ERC-20 Token Standard, users can be sends and gets anonym money transactions.


An innovative solution to the money flow of gambling companies

We provide fast, reliable and easily integrated software for receiving and sending payments by BetToken

Enable users to receive and send payments through a single account

Ensure the anonymity of your money flow

Take advantage of our easy-to-integrate payment receiving and sending software that allows you to easily receive payments and organize your money flow with BetToken

Get rid of manual payment confirmation systems, save time and effort with our automated payment software and the power of blockchain

Private Sale

A completely different Private Sale understanding that gives everyone a win so that BetToken can spread to the masses and raise the necessary funds

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The user who makes a purchase during the Private Sale process gets tokens equal to 50% of the amount paid. 20% of the remaining amount will be spent on the network marketing system, 30% is kept in the company to advertise BetToken to the masses and the remaining 50% is kept in the company to make necessary deals with exchanges, to provide support and resistance when it enters the exchange. Users can only participate in the Private Sale with an invitation code. 10% of the amount invested by the user who registers and invests in the Private Sale with your invitation code is instantly reflected in your BetToken account balance and you can withdraw at any time. You will also receive bonuses with various percentages from the users brought by the users you invite. In other words, you will support both the token and the marketing of the token during the Private Sale process. Since the token does not enter the stock markets until the end of the Private Sale, the price of the token will increase continuously during the Private Sale process, as there will be only purchases in the Private Sale process and the token will constantly market itself and be constantly advertised. In other words, the users participating in the Private Sale process will earn money from both the invited users and the 4 sub-layers they invite, and they will also earn from the profit they provide from the token. With this innovative perspective, the token will find the necessary crowd and funding support as it enters the exchanges


Below we’ve provided a bit of Private Sale, Private Sale Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What exactly is BetToken?

BetToken is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 standard cryptocurrency that aims to provide speed, anonymity and security to financial flows in the gambling world.

The purpose of BetToken is to provide solutions to the financial problems people face when gambling in the real and virtual world. To give an example on the user side, let's create a scenario; John is someone who likes to spend time at casinos and online betting sites and gamble responsibly and visits various countries to gamble. In John's case, carrying physical money with him, as well as making withdrawals from his home country's bank in other countries, has various challenges. Likewise, it goes through various procedures and difficulties to load a balance on an online betting site. The purpose of BetToken is to make and receive the chip payment by simply scanning a QR code when going to another country with a decentralized single currency, as well as to save from the procedures and centers on the online side, to make and receive instant payments in an anonymous, fast and secure manner.

BetToken offers online gambling companies speed and security by offering anonymous money flow powered by blockchain, BetToken's fast payment systems and cash flow management software free of charge. And it gives casinos the ability to adapt to a future where fiat money will gradually disappear

How can I make a purchase during the Private Sale process?

First of all, in order to participate in the BetToken Private Sale program, you need to get a reference code from a member who has already participated in the Private Sale program. After filling your information and entering your reference code, choose how much you want to invest in dollars on the payment screen. In order to make the payment, keep the ETH equivalent of the amount you want to buy into your ETH wallet in Metamask, a browser plug-in and mobile application wallet, in your Metamask ETH wallet. Return to the payment screen again and confirm the transaction by checking the correctness of the amount by pressing the "Pay with Metamask" button. Within about 10 minutes after making the payment, the BETT tokens you have purchased will be sent to the same ETH wallet. Initial purchases and transfers may take approximately 30 minutes. Then go back to your Metamask wallet and press "Add Token" at the bottom. Take the contract address from the link here and paste it into the contract address section in Metamask. You should automatically see the BETT symbol. Then add the token to your wallet by clicking the "Add" button. If you had problems with the initial purchase, contact us here

The maximum purchase amount in the BetToken Private Sale program is $3000 in US Dollars and the minimum purchase amount is $100.

In fact, the purpose of this is purely to benefit investors. You get tokens worth 50% of your deposit. 20% of the other half is distributed in various percentages towards the upper 4 tiers in the network marketing reward system, in the form of inviting you and inviting the person who invites you. Likewise, you can bring investors with your own referral code and earn rewards in various percentages from their deposited amounts. Thus, BetToken introduces its technological infrastructure and vision to more people. 30% goes to the funds to be spent on the advertising of the token. 50% is sent to the company fund in order to put the token in strong stock markets, to make agreements with various companies, to provide support and resistance in the stock market.

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